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visiting bc from sk and broke phone screen, can i get a new phone while in bc under sask warranty?

i pay the $7 extended warranty. My plan is from saskatchewan. I am visiting bc for 2 months and dropped phone yesterday...screen broken (not functional). I know the warranty covers replacement for like $80 ish but can I get it replaced at a bc koodo location or do I need to be in sask to handle this?

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Any Koodo booth should be able to help but because your from out of town, im not sure if they will give you a loaner since you won't be able to return it to that store unless your staying put for a week or so
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Koodo's extended warranty is handle by eSecuritel.
If you want to claim your service, you have to call them first@1-844-574-1839

I'm not sure they can send a replacement phone other than your home/billing address.
Contact them tomorrow and ask them what they can do for you.