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Virus pop up

  • 13 September 2013
  • 5 replies

Hi, I just went to my simple mp3 music downloader app and a popup with the android man said that my phone was infected with a virus, remove now. Is this legit or is it a virus within a virus?

5 replies

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Sounds like a popup telling u have a vIris is the virus. They might be trying to trick you into downloading an app or paying to "fix" your problem. I would never trust a popup. I would get a recognized virus scanner via the google pay store directly. However this is only my opinion. I would google this issue along with your mp3 app to see what others have said
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It's likely an advertisement trying to get you to download an anti-virus app. If you don't have an anti-virus app installed, chances are the mp3 app you're using is ad-supported.
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Install and run Comodo Anti-virus from the Playstore it will tell you if you have a virus. You can also use it to scan for pop up advertising and delete any app that has them.
Awesome. Thanks guys. I do have an anti virus scanner but it didn't pick it up, so I'm thinking it was an advertisement pop up. Appreciate your help!
Adware can come bundled with certain MP3 downloaders, Java update and Flash Player update. In some cases, ad-supported software might appear as harmless. Adware is not virus but a threat. I suffered from the same virus pop-up with you and it caused by a program called Gom Player (here is an overview). The ads went away after I removed the program.