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Videotron to Koodoo

Hello, Bonjour. I am currently with Videotron and Rogers give me the Galaxy S8 + for 0$ in store with a 75.00$ contracts. Is it possible with Koodoo. 

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Koodo will not price match. Not only that, but Koodo's offers are a completely different structure. Even Télus would rather you go to them than Koodo for such a device.
The latest more expensive phones (flagships) (such as the Galaxy S8+) will usually be cheaper (what you'll pay upfront plus what you'll pay over 24 months) with the big tier (Rogers/Bell/Télus).
You'll get better deals on the Galaxy S8+ on Koodo by the time the Galaxy S10 is out. By then, carriers will be liquidating the phone, and you could get the phone at a crazy discount from Koodo.
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$67/month but you need to pay 560 upfront for the phone