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Very happy with my Ace 2x

  • 2 March 2013
  • 3 replies

Just after Christmas I got my wife an Ace 2x and she loves it, after having a ace for almost a year and using hers I decided a week ago to up grade to one myself and what a great phone. if anyone wants to know more I will be happy to talk this phone up.

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3 replies

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I can't say the first generation ace was a hit with me. It had too low of internal memory but samsung mush have recognized this as an issue as 2x is awesome for the price.
Good to hear! i am thinking of getting this phone for my mother. seems to be a great value
I have a different experience with the Ace 2x. It's a good phone for light users, but for anyone that uses apps a lot or likes to have a lot of apps open, then this phone lags a lot and freezes. I'm constantly clearing the memory in settings to try to stop the lag and freezing, but sometimes that's not even enough and I have to reboot phone to start fresh. I will be upgrading to the s3 once it becomes more affordable. 🙂 I mean I don't hate this phone, but you get what you pay for and the lagging and freezing is an annoyance.