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Using mobile app on pc

I have problem with my google play so I can't install app as usual. I found to download apk files and don't know how to do with them. I also donwload bluestack for my pc. So does this mean that I use bluestack and I don't need these apk files? I am blind at technology and feel so confused. Plz comment for any suggestion. 

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Bluestack is a shell program to run Android apps on your PC or Mac. Because the programs are not running on a native portable Android, you can expect some features not to be supported or to work in a different way such as screen rotation.

If you are going to use .apk files, you should check out and download apkinstaller. There is a version for PC as well as Android. The apks have to be installed as proper apps before you can use them on your PC or Android device.


Unless you source app files through Apple, Google or Microsoft official channels, there is always an extra risk of malware. Any files you download should be treated with caution.

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What app are you talking about exactly? If it's the Koodo Self Serve app, I'd advise you to just use the web page instead, as it does everything the app does and more.
Does it mean that appinstaller is an app which supports using apk files or a source of apk file?
pinkool wrote:

Does it mean that appinstaller is an app which supports using apk files or a source of apk file?

No. this app allows your device to use apk files. After downlaod apk files, transfer these files to your androi devices and accept to install as usual. 
If u are finding an trusted source of apk file, some are suggested for you: https://play.google.com/store/apps/, http://choilieng.com, http://amazon.com
As I know, if you use blue stack, you don't need to download apk files. Apk files just are files help you to install apps for your androi via download apk on pc