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Using Data on LG g4 with Koodo

I just upgraded my plan on Koodo to one with 50mb of data. However, even if my data is enabled on my lg g4, I cannot seem to use it as my apps say no internet connection. How can I use my data?

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Try in more or less this order on at at time: Toggle airplane mode. Restart you phone Pull out your Sim card for a minute Check self-serve to see if you have data block MMS add-on and remove it You might have to message the Facebook account Koodo or use the email form on th contact us page on koodomobile.com to see I Koodo has a data block on their end that you cannot see. Is it every app you've tried?
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Hi raidah! You have a data block on your account. You need to contact us to have it removed. You can contact us quickly and conveniently through our Facebook or Twitter pages 🙂