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Usage Flexibility

Being able to adjust your usage time between Data and Airtime Minutes. For an example. I have a $39 dollar plan that gives me 400mins airtime and 400mb data but, I use more data than the minutes per month or vice versa. So for an example I need more data. I trade 150 or 200 airtime minutes for 250mb of data for the same price in which plan your are in. Would be nice to be flexible that way. 

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This has been suggested before in the past, many times. It won't happen
Oh well it was suggested again and I'm sure it will be suggested again in the future. It will change one day. Need more competition....!!!

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The problem is we're steadily going to an unlimited minutes system (even the big 3 are doing it now), so while not a bad idea I can't see them working on trading mins for data especially 1-1 as you're suggesting. I could see them considering things like 100 mins for 50 mb and such. But since data is the money maker the consumer won't be getting the good end of that deal.