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Us roaming booster not working

My wife's US roaming talk and data boosters are not working, while mine are. She has a moto G4, I have a moto g5. We both are running Android 7, and have identical mobile network settings. I tried turning off her phone, reinserting the sim, and starting it up again. I also tried selecting each available network manually, but each one failed to connect, including AT&T which my phone connected to. We had the same problem with her z10 phone when we originally got the booster, and it's never worked for her, but mine has. Maybe their system is messed up?

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Try turning off her phone and restarting [i]without the SIM. That should reset her connection to Ø.

Re-insert the SIM and restart. Prepaid sometimes needs a few restarts before things get back to normal.

If you still have no joy, try swapping your SIMs if they are the same size to narrow down the problem. If the problem follows the SIM, that may be a bad unit.

You may have better luck leaving network selection on automatic. Visited some friends the other day in rural Arizona where they had 2 bars but no service on T-Mobile, but then the phone auto switched before our eyes to AT&T and all was good.
I wrote a long reply, and lost it when submit failed. Summary: - tried Bob's suggestions, no luck. - different sized sim cards but no adapter. - Koodo's support sucks, will get refund at kiosk if need be, since we have no phone support, and look for a new provider for the next trip.