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US Data add on only?

I was just wondering if it's at all possible to just buy a US data add on? They have 150mb with call and text for 3 days, but I need more data. Without paying for the extra 5$/50MB, is it possible to add more data to this add on?

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Hi Sydney,

The only thing you could do is re-add the add-on to your account, however it will cost you less to just pay the 5$/50mb than it would be to get another 150mb on the add-on.
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Hey Sydney. Koodo doesn't offer any US roaming add-ons that are just data only. You'd have to use the overage rate or if you plan on using a lot of data, you should look into unlocking your phone (if its not already unlocked) and using a prepaid american service down there. It may be a cheaper option depending on your usage