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Upgrading phone, Currently on old tab program

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I want to upgrade my phone, it's starting to get old and slow, and the battery just isn't working that well anymore.  It's a Note 4, got it Nov 1 2014.  I know similar questions have been posted before, but honestly I found the answers pretty confusing.  Basically, I have a great plan.  $55/mo, unlimited calling nationwide, unlimited texting, and 5 gig of data.  My question is, can I go on to the new tab program, yet keep my super duper awesome monthly plan, or do I need to change to a current plan?


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You can keep your super awesome sauce plan as long as you don't use Tab Plus Edit, if you have a negative tab balance you'll have to pay that off in order to use Tab regular.
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Assuming you have the super awesome sauce plan offered in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, you also can get the rate plan for $53 5GB also offered using Tab plus. The difference is $21 tab charge and subject to your credit