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I am currently using an Optimus One and am sick of the very low internal memory so i have opted to go to a S2X. I was wondering if koodo kiosks give a discount if i turn in my old phone when i go to purchase the new one...

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They do but it depends on the condition and its resale value. The value will be determined at kiosk.
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You would need to bring in the old device to a Koodo Shop to know for sure. The device is valued using a program they have there which would determine the trade in value, if any. An in-store credit is provided to you, assuming there is value on your phone and you can use that towards the purchase of the next device or accessory
Thanks, even if there is a 20 dollar value..lol that will make me happy. it's in excellent shape, i just cannot stand the lack of internal memory.
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You will love the S2. I just did the same upgrade last year. It's an amazing difference
I can't wait i am super excited, lately every time an app has to be updated (i only can have like 3) i need to delete something else or go through the whole process of deleting cache files and it's been such a pain...
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That phone super easy to root and if you have a class 6 or higher sd card then you can use an app called link2sd which vastly increases your internal storage. I had about 80 apps loaded
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Good choice Jessalynn! Enjoy your new phone 🙂 ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.