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Upgraded to new phone

So i upgraded to a new phone and was wondering if i went to sell my old phone how can i prove it is still a useable phone? My sim card is deactivated and they are asking if it can still send and receive texts.

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Hello Dustin,

You're phone is still useable and can send and receive texts. If you want to prove them that it works, just put your old SIM card in it or ask them that they bring a SIM card so they can try themselves.
But when i use my old sim card it does nothing? I can't send or receive anything can i? I went from a lg g3 to a lg g5. I had to deactivate the old sim card
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The LG G5's SIM card (nano SIM) won't fit in the G3 (micro SIM) so you're best bet is that you ask them to bring a micro SIM card.

Also, there's absolutely no reason that the phone won't work. Deactivating a SIM card has nothing to do with the phone. The only reason why it won't work is if the phone's not unlocked and they try to put a non-Koodo SIM card in it.
Alright thank you and i know the G5 won't work but even with my old phone when i send a text it states it will send once in service.
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You will want to do a factory reset on the phone before you sell it, so none of your personal information is on it.