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Upgrade to Galaxy7 on Classic Tab S?

Hey there, I'm still on Classic Tab S and I have over $100 in positive tab. I wanted to use this to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S7 and get the benefits listed in the koodo shop for tab medium while keeping my $50 per month plan and my Classic Tab. is this possible? when I go to check out with the phone, it's only charging me $85 up front, but it's also asking me to agree to a $15 per month tab charge which I don't want. Any help would be sweet. Cheers!

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First, you can't keep your classic tab once you perform an upgrade to your device. Once you have spent the $100, you have to move to the new tab system, where no positive Tab accumulates.You may be able to keep your current plan and  the Tab S rate if you pay more up front for the phone. but you can't get the benefits of a tab M without choosing it. 

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Hey Dan,

For Tab M, the Tab charge is $15, you'll be able to keep your rate plan as it is above the $40 requirement for Tab M. Keep in mind, Koodo does not have fixed terms, this means, if you're not happy with the $15 Tab charge, you can pay off your remaining Tab balance after 90 days and the Tab charge will automatically be removed and you will be back to the $50 rate plan. You won't be able to accumulate positive credit, as pointed out by David and Tab S Classic has been updated.
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Just to add but if Koodo is contributing a percentage of your bill each month towards your tab right now you will also lose that when you make the upgrade as customers now pay the full amount of the device with no subsidy by the carrier.