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Upgrade phone question

Hi I am trying to upgrade my galaxy s4 to the iPhone 5s I have a positive tab of $94. I did the upgrade online over the website ordered the phone but it said it would have to confirm my order and than they would call if they need more info. Is this because I have a balance owing on my bill? Or is it just normal...?

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It could have been something typed incorrectly while doing the order or an inconsistency in your information on file. Since you do have a balance owing, that may be the reason. It might not be a big deal but it's best to talk to them about it. You can contact the webstore below: For questions about your order email us at koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com – you’ll get a response quickly. Please include your sales order number in your email message. If you want to call us about an order you’ve placed, contact us at 1-844 566-3697 Tuesday through Friday, 3pm to 9pm EST.
Thanks for the fast response Johnathan I'll email them right away