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Upgrade from my iPhone 4... LG G3 or Galaxy S6 (I need more memory)

Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my Iphone 4 for something with more memory capacity... I take a lot of pictures, texting is the best thing to reach me and music is part of my life... My choices is to switch to Androïd the LG G3 was recommended also the new Galaxy S6... Any reviews on those ? Thanks !

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Between those 2 the S 6
But I would look at The Moto X Play , Great Camera,  great battery life and lots of storage and great price too
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Hello Mélanie.

I've used the galaxy S6, but not the G3. What I can say about the S6 is that it's a very nice phone. So nice that I almost used it as my main phone. Which would've been the first one (I've tried the S5 but it wasn't good enough to be my main phone). I now use the 6S because it's more practical for me and the synchronization between platforms ans not because the S6 isn't a good phone.
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Robert wrote:

Hello Mélanie.

I've used the galaxy S6, but not the G3. What I can say about the S6 is that it's...

So what phone are you using Robert? the iphone 6S ?
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It's nearly double the price for the S6 vs the G3. They're also not even from the same generation - 2014 vs 2015 flagship. This isn't really a good comparison, but here you go:

The S6 is superior in virtually every category. Design (subjective), build quality, screen quality, speed/performance, camera, software updates, fingerprint scanner, and Samsung-specific features. If you have the money to spend, take the S6. It's an awesome phone.

The G3 has a slightly bigger screen, removable back/battery and microSD slot (also has 32GB built-in). Those may or may not be important to you. If you're strapped for money/don't want to put as much on a Tab and need to take a bajillion photos and will never put them onto your computer, take the G3.