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Unstable/weak signal with my Nexus 4

Since about 2 months, I've started to experience problems (weak/very unstable signal) with my Nexus 4 phone. I tried to turn it off and on, taking the sim card and putting it back on after turning off my phone (it helped for about a minute before acting up again). I even tried a hard reset of the phone itself after I backed up my datas on my computer... I'm pretty desperate right now... Thanks in advance for the help!

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Is it calling or data? Are you indoors or outdoors? Have you moved recently? Is there construction going on your area? Have trees started growing more branches and such? There are a variety of factors at play here that can interfere with signal.
It's the calling signal. I moved recently, but the problem started suddenly 2 months ago, before I move. There is nothing that changed as far as I know to explain this as my new appartment/neighboorhood is similar to my old one, except with less trees and no hill around...
The calling signal strenght often go back and forth from almost full strenght to no signal in a matter of minutes. My roommate who's also with Koodo but have a different cellphone model doesn't seem to have that problem...
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Well if that's the case, it could be the SIM card or the phone. See if you can get down to a store and replace your SIM card and test it out. If it continues to cause issues, I think you might want to take your phone in for servicing. It's free under warranty if it's under a year old, but if it's past that, then you're better off replacing the phone.
Thanks a lot for the advice. 🙂 (...I really hope it's just the sim card, but my phone is under a year old so the warranty is still valid. 🙂 )