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Unlocking You Phone

Has anyone had any experience with Unlocking your phone through some on the companies available on the Web? If yes,which one and what did they charge you? Does anyone know what Koodo charges to unlock your phone?

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Cellunlocker seems to be popular around here.
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Also, gsmliberty.
Price is depends on your device. Koodo charges $35.
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cellunlocker charges 14.99 and refunds your money if you can't unlock it.  I've been considering this myself as I'm ready to leave Telus because I'm not happy with their plans with new phones.  I want a new phone but to have a new phone and keep my current plan, I wasn't too impressed with what they had to offer and any other plan forces me to pay 70 dollars min or more.  I just want talk and text.  I don't care about data plans.