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unlocking phones with passwords on them

I would like if koodo can find a way to unlock phones , and no I do not mean unlocking so you my activate them . I mean unlocking phones with passwords on them for example: if I put a password on my phone and I forget it . but not only do I want this to be done but I want it to be done for free , well at least if you've been a customer for a while lets say 6 months to a year maybe

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This is not possible. The reason the phone is locked is because the user locked it. Koodo wouldn't have access to unlock such a device. Your only option in these circumstances is to do a factory reset. It's a security feature.
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Not even the companies making the phones would unlock password protected phones. If you forget the password to your IPhone and haven't backed it up your phone essentially becomes an expensive paperweight. Nothing can be done and no one can hack it either. Androids maybe different though.
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Look at it this way: You lock your phone, great, it's secure. One day, your phone is stolen (OMG! Right?) but the thief can't use it because it's locked. He/she could factory reset the phone (if it's not an iPhone, then it's trickier) but then he/she won't have access to your precious documents anymore. But wait! He/She can just call Koodo and unlock the phone! Your documents are now at his/her disposal(aww shiiii) and the world is in peril! (Maybe, depends on how important your documents are.) Note: If at all possible, DON'T store world imperilling information in your phone. (Missle launch codes, doomsday weapon schematics, the anti-life equation, etc.)