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Unlocking Moto G 4 Play with unactive Sim

I received an unlock code from Koodo the other day.  I want to unlock my Moto G 4 Play for a future trip to Vietnam next Summer.  I need a sim card from another provider to prompt it for the unlock code when I boot it up.  I could use a friend's sim card, but don't want to worry about causing any issues with their sim card.  I could get a cheap unactivated sim card from another provider on Ebay.  Would it still prompt me for an unlock code when I boot it up with the unactivated sim card?  I don't want to wait until am in Vietnam to unlock it, would rather do it ahead of time.  And I don't want to change providers, koodo is awesome

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There should be no issues with your friends sim card.  Just turn data off first.

An unactivated ebay sim should work too

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Any SIM would do, but make sure it is the correct size with your MotoG4 play (microSIM).

SIM cards aren't easy to damage. You could use your friend SIM, chance of breaking it is minimum.
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Or you could try dialing this code from your phones' dialpad: #7465625*638*# If the code works, it will bypass the need for a SIM card from another provider. After entering the code, you should see the network unlock screen appear. Enter your unlock code, tap okay. Worked on my Moto X Play, might work on your Moto G4 Play.