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Unlocking Galaxy S7 (Bell to Koodo)

Hi everyone!

So I am going to receive a Galaxy S7 from someone, but their phone is currently locked to Bell Mobility.

How would I go about unlocking this phone to use with Koodo? Would the other person need to unlock it since it's on their provider or could I do it myself?

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The safest method would be to get Bell to unlock it by her before the sale. You can test it afterwards by popping in your SIM card. 

There are reputable websites like cellphoneunlocker that are cheaper and also work. 
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Hello! You would get an unlock code. It's cheaper for androids to get from third party vendors. I personally use whatever's got good feedback on Ebay but there's websites as well that work you can google. They provide instructions on what to do and it's very simple. You could do it yourself or I don't know monetary arrangements they could get the unlock code from a third party instead of you.