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unlocking details

Do I have to switch to koodo before unlocking my phone or I have to unlock it before switching to koodo (For now I'm with Fido, samsung s3)

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You can unlock it now or later, it doesn't matter. It just needs to be done for when your ready to use koodo.
It needs to be unlocked before you can use the koodo chip to use your phone.
so I can go to a koodo dealer right now, keep my sim card and register it with koodo even if my phone is locked for now?

I mean can i sign with koodo with a locked locked phone and keep it till i unlock it or i can't sign to koodo with a locked phone

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You can sign up now, it doesn't matter. You're just activating a SIM card. Koodo doesn't care which phone you use as long as it's compatible.
and do you know how long is the unlocking process (I know it's 35$)

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Since you're doing a new activation, I believe it's free right now. You should ask the Koodo kiosk about that. It's usually instant.