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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 Not Working in Hong Kong; Service Provider says it is not unlocked

I had my Samsung Galaxy S3 unlocked in April in preparation for our trip to Hong Kong. We went to a service provider today to purchase a sim card, however, were advised that the sim will not work because the phone is not unlocked. We are now stranded in Hong Kong without a phone. It is Sunday 5:20AM in Vancouver so I have to wait until Noon before I can reach anyone in customer service.

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When you paid to have the phone unlocked you should have been given a special code. You'd insert the HK sim and the phone will then ask you for that code Enter it and your phone will then be unlocked. If you don't currently have the code you can call Koodo from HK and you'll be connected to the east coast customer service. 647-788-4337. Hours of Operation Monday − Friday: 10am - 9pm Saturday: 9am - 7pm Sunday: 9am - 7pm
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Or it's possible if it's not asking you for the code it is unlocked, but not comparable with the network you are trying to use.