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Unlocked S6 edge from wind only getting 3g on koodo. I need help

I have an s6 edge from wind SM-G925W8. It's unlocked. I made the move over to wind and unfortunately the phone will only connect to 3g! I tried flashing firmware and bricked my phone. Had to bring it to pacific mall to get it fixed lol. Im annoyed what are my options guys?

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Check this out. I believe they have exhausted all the options in your particular case:



Wind does not support LTE. 3G only on that particular model.

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To expand slightly from the provided links, that model does have LTE support, but it seems to have been locked out in the firmware. You tried flashing as you said, but ended up bricking it. If you're not confident that you won't brick it again, I would suggest getting a professional or someone you know who is good with android to flash it. I wouldn't worry too much though, much as it sucks to not get LTE speeds, since UMTS (3G) with Telus/Koodo is actually very fast. Like, not much slower than LTE fast. It's more than fast enough to stream 1080p (3-6mbps) and browsers will load  mobile webpages quick enough. It also drains the battery less than LTE. I usually just use UMTS myself, despite having the option of LTE.