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Unlocked Lg nexus 5x and Koodo band width?

Buying an unlocked lg be us 5x from Google. They said to make sure Koodo has the correct band width that supports it. I was going to transfer my Koodo sim month to month over to the new phone. Can this be done ok?

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You can use willmyphonework.net to see but if it's from t Google store in Canada it will b compatible. Well you can just pop in your Sim an you'd b on your merry way ! I assume that you won't be changing to postpaid or anything like that a well when you say just transfer your month-to-month Sim to the new phone?
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If it is a google nexus phone then it should be fine
Thanks Dennis. I purchased it and will put my Koodo SIM card in. I am sure it will work. I checked that website that Goran mentioned. It said it was compatible with Koodo as well. Thanks again Dennis