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i am from Argentina and buy a phone in Canada and now I can not use because it asks for a pin code lock network would like to know how to solve this problem thanks

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You need to get the phone unlocked. I'm assuming you're not a Koodo customer. I'm not sure they will do this for you unless you purchased it unsubsidized. Your best bet is to use an unlocking website like cellunlocker.net or even eBay from a trusted seller.
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Hello Juan, 

We can only unlock a koodo phone if you are a customer (prepaid or postpaid). If you are not, you could try to make the unlocking with your local carrier or by taking Jonathan's advice.

Hope this helps!
I have tried with customer service but they need you to have an active account in order to unlock it. Price is not high but they where not able to help me because i am outside of Canada and i can't make an account. After some research i found a 3rd party website that unlocked my iPhone https://unlockbrazzers.com
I hope you will get positive results same i got.