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unlock virgin phone

  • 25 November 2019
  • 4 replies

Hi my mom gave my grandfather her old phone but it was with virgin she had it shut off for years now  he went and got a new card put in it from Koodo but nothing is working now it's asking for a PIN number and a puk number  she got a pin from virgin  and it keeps asking for a puk number witch they did not give this is while the Koodo card is still in. What do we do at this point? 

4 replies

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I'll flag this for a Rep to get the PUK code for you. They might end up asking you to message via Facebook messenger or dm via Twitter to get the code as this is a public forum.

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THe PUK code is for the sim card.  Do not enter the wrong (3x) PUK code or the card will be permanently locked

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Hello @Dusk ch ! Thank you very much for contacting us! :) As @Dennis has stated in the previous message, there is a difference between a phone’s unlock code (which is provided by the carrier that had initially locked the phone to their network) and the PUK of the SIM card. The phone’s unlock code allows you to use the device on other networks, whereas the PUK helps you reactivate a SIM card which has been disabled due to the fact that a wrong PIN had been inserted.  Having said this, could you please send us a private message on Facebook or on Twitter, so that we may assist you with this matter? - Alex

Yes I'll get my mom to message u guys snice she has th phone now and proby locked the SIM card