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Unlock Phone in Europe - Unable to Change Access Point Name

I had Koodo unlock my Galaxy S7 Edge and they provided me with a remote access code and said I can go to the Netherlands and get a local SIM and keep my number. When I got to the Netherlands, a Telecom agent tried to sell me a 30 day SIM and required me to use a different phone number. And when he tried to set it up, he was able to unlock my phone but the software did not allow him to change the Access Point Name so he couldn't do anything further. What am I missing? How can I get my phone to work in the Netherlands? Thank you for your help.

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It would not be possible to keep using your canadian number with an international sim card, any more than it would be possible to get a Dutch number with a Canadian sim card. As far as setting up the APN, you say it isn't possible to CHANGE the APN, but did you try simply adding a new one?