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Unlock phone abroad

I am trying to unlock my phone but I am in Australia at the moment. Ive tried calling the *611 but the call doesnt go through. Is there a way to unlock it through the carrier via fb messenger or e-mail?

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Not for iPhone. Download a wifi calling app like fongo or Skype and call the regular support number during normal business hours. These apps will let you make the call free over wifi. Google koodo contact us for the number
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You could also use a third party unlocker but it will be more expensive tho.
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Hello D! If you wish to unlock a Koodo cellphone, you can reach us by dialing our international number +1-647-788-4337 or send us an email by using this secure link http://koo.do/11eMLdy. Make sure to log into your Self-Serve account otherwise we won't have access to your account. Keep in mind that Koodo can unlock your phone under conditions http://koo.do/1q5gyTB Have a great one!