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Unlock Koodoo phone bought online

Hi, i bought a koodo samsung phone from a craigslist seller who bought the phone from samsung store and is locked to kodoo. I was wondering how i could get it unlock by kodoo. I know you could get it unlock for free starting december first. I dont have a koodoo account/plan. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you Sophia for your response. First question asked was whether or not I had a Koodo account. A formality at best. You'll be asked for the phones' IMEI number. Pretty sure they can see which company the phone is registered to via the IMEI number. Give it a shot CTB and let us know how it turns out.
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Thank you Sophia for your response. There was a report that you don't need a koodo/telus account to ask for the unlock.
Thank you Sophia for your response. Did you get it done Jim? I have an old Koodo phone I want unlocked but I don’t have a Koodo account
Thank you Sophia for your response.
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You do need a Koodo account to unlock a Koodo phone. You can buy a prepaid SIM ($20), activate that and request the unlock code.

It's probably cheaper to find a 3rd party unlock service - they can unlock most, if not all Android phones for a fraction of the price.