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Unlock code not working, and customer service is not open yet.

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I got an unlock code from Koodo for my Samsung phone. I am now in the USA and the code won't work. Customer service isn't open for two more hours, and by then I will be back on the road without a phone or access to internet. I am afraid to try the unlock code again because I'm getting close to my 10 attempts.

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They are definitely open now. Edit: just realized you might be based in PST. If you can call from a local phone the toll free number you should be able to get around the open hours by time zone thing. Be aware you will be charged if you call from your phone in the US.

Are you certain that you gave the right IMEI? Double check that it matches up. I once had an unlock come where the seller mixed up the IMEI and I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working.

How many attempts have you made? Definitely don't try again for now edit: for now until you confirm that you have the right unlock code. Another option if you just don't have the time is to buy it again from a third party retailer online. Many can get Samsung phones unlocked within hours and fo 14 dollars or less. There's no guarantee of getting refunded from koodo though if it technically is the right unlock code that you received. Up to you in your specific situation
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Update:  I was MST, and got ahold of them. They had texted me the serial number of my phone instead of the unlock code. All straightened out, and just in time to hit the road again. Whew!