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unlimited email/Gmail and social networks should be a cheap add on or included in plans over $50

No data usage for email/Gmail and social network. As well as when on the koodo app or site.

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Boom! Your koodo app wish is granted!
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The no cost for data idea for the Koodo website would be a good Idea for Mobile masters it would be just like our online support idea except everything would be the same except for mobile masters be charged for data
I haven't seen those plans in a while. I think they were exclusive to old Blackberrys (not the Q5 or Z10) due to the special way those old blackberries connected to the internet. I don't think it's possible to have such a plan with current devices.
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It would be impossible for this to happen for everyone, because we use different email providers. Koodo could set up a proxy (like for MMS) that doesn't count against your data usage, but they'd need a different one for each email provider and social network.
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Graham is correct, you used to be able to do it with Blackberry, but that's because at that time they could distinguish what was using the data. With phones now everything just falls under data usage. Plus where do you draw the line? You can email larger files, and how many people are watching all the videos posted to friends Facebook. Theres potential for people to use ALOT of data via email and social networking.