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unlimited data ever in the future?

First of all I have to say that I've had nothing but good experiences with Koodo. But I don't quite understand how the plan prices are worked out. I currently pay 60$ per month for unlimited everything with the exception of 5GBs of data. Which, don't get me wrong is a pretty solid deal, but if I wanted to upgrade to a new phone such as the GS4 I would choose to go with the "Tab Large" or 2 year contract equivalent. But the closest I can get to my current plan with the "Tab Large Plans" is to pay $105.00 per month for the same calling and texting service but with 2GB less data. How does that work? And also, is there ever going to be the option for unlimited data? Because that's currently one of the only factors pushing me to switch providers. Finally just a query regarding the Sony Experia Z1, will Koodo ever get it? If unlimited data and the Z1 magically made their way to Koodo in the near future I would have no reason to ever switch providers!

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Ok, you had 3 questions, I'll do my best to give you an answer/opinion. 1. Tab large plans - I believe the reason these plans are less attractive because they give you more subsidy for the phone, essentially you paying less out of your pocket. Since the crtc no requires phone companies to have any outstanding balance on hardware to be zero by the end if the 24 months companies need to make the money back quicker. The only way to do that is with "special plans". There is an easy solution for this and you get to keep your current plan. Pay a little more for the phone up front and take a medium plan. You could also get more tab by referring others to koodo. Go to Koodoreferral.com. 2. Unlimited data - not going to happen with the established guys for quite some time. Too many factors to list, but the one that keeps coming up is people all of sudden starting watch movies etc. which would blow the networks up. The winds, mobilicity of the world offer this but they have so few customers that it's less of an issue for them, although they throttle the speed making unlisted data useless. 3. I doubt the Sony will be at koodo soon but you could always buy it and then put your koodo sim in it. If you bring your own phone koodo will even give you 10% off your monthly plan.
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Chris Petersens wrote:

Ok, you had 3 questions, I'll do my best to give you an answer/opinion. 1. Tab large plans - I b...

Another thing to keep in mind with those offering unlimited data is that it's only when your in their own coverage area which is very very small & once you leave that coverage area you are then paying for your data per mb on top of the price of your plan. Koodo data is Canada wide so your not paying extra unless you go over your alloted data. If those offering unlimited data ever expand their coverage then others will have no choice but to offer it as well but things arnt looking good for those offering unlimited data as they are pretty much all looking to sell their companies.