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Unknown caĺler/texter. ..

I have a number calling and texting me phone and won't reveal who they are. I've tried reverse number lookup and all that gives me is the carrier. Is there a way to find out the name of the person?

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Hi Aaron, we can't provide such information, as the real owner of this phone number might not even be calling you (a practice called "spoofing", see this link: http://koo.do/1JfnBQJ). There is not much that can be done. In case of harassment, you should contact your local police and file a complaint. You could also change your phone number. If you are a Koodo customer, you can easily change it online via Self Serve, free of charge. Thank you! 
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You could also call the number from a pay phone and see if you are redirected to a voice mail  service that identifies the owner.

If the number is not a local area code, I recommend googling the number.  If it's a spammer, it'll often show up.