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Over the years that I have had Koodo I have never had a squeak of a problem. Koodo has always been there for me.
I chose not to use my data in an effort to keep costs down. I typically only text and sometimes call my kids and my grandkids or the odd friend.
Most everyone, that I deal with, know that I don't/won't use data. Lately, I have been receiving text attachments with the label for "download" in the body of a text and assuming it's coming from the person I'm dealing with at that time. The person on the other end claims they are NOT sending any attachments. For a while I had to remind them I don't do data. Eventually they say "we know that why do you ask?" but when I respond to them they don't see what I see in the thread of texts.  
I don't know what is inside these attachments, harmful or simple advertising AND they're all unsolicited. But what I do know is I would have to turn on my data to "download" and see what they are. That creates a cost factor and what else might I be receiving or accepting that could be unwanted?
My daughter-in-law and I both received that alert from 5143 re Android Stagefright issue, so I am not referring to that.

Not to point fingers but is there a tracking system where Koodo might see that I don't use my data and this might be an effort for me to turn on data, for revenue generating, just to see some silly, ridiculous ad? I don't know; or is it something else where I might have been hacked? (sorry, don't know much about that stuff?)
I'm just a grandpa that could use some help and advice

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"Not to point fingers but is there a tracking system where Koodo might see that I don't use my data and this might be an effort for me to turn on data, for revenue generating, just to see some silly, ridiculous ad?" No, thats just ridiculous. Koodo doesn't do that and has never done that. You say your friends aren't sending you any "attachments", but are they sending you pictures, videos or audio files? You get that message when someone sends you an MMS (multimedia) message. The message would only come in if indeed the other person in fact sent you something or there may be actually be something wrong with your phone like a virus. A factory reset would fix that if that was the issue which can be done through settings
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Your friends could also be sending you an MMS type message without actually sending a picture of video. Also picture messaging (mms) is free with Koodo. The safe way to download these if you want to see it is to stay connected to a strong wifi signal and then turn data on to download these messages. Once downloaded, turn off data immediately.
[b]Ahmad: My daughter and Daughter-in-law and the grandkids all know that I don't use data, so they know enough not to send pictures or files of any description. If they want to send something they know enough to send those to my email account. You suggested wi-fi. Yes, of course, but when I'm not home, maybe camping or elsewhere I will receive these attachments. They also know when we're not home. Knowing that I'm not home, especially, they won't send anything except a simple text  message.
When I suggested Koodo sending stuff, I didn't think they did but when a person like me is not sure, I will ask. Yes, I too, have used my wi-fi at home on occasion, but seldom. Besides any picture files that are worthy are sent to emails between us.
None of them send any pictures or music file of any description to me.
And I agree with you that Koodo doesn't send them. So, any thoughts who and where these attachment might be coming from?

FYI: over time I have received the odd spam text and I put those in my "do not bother" list.
But not sure how to do it with these attachments without blocking the very people I want to hear from, especially when those attachments are within a text from a family member.
I am not blaming anything Koodo. Remember I speak highly of Koodo, but who, or how, or why are these attachments all about?

[b]DENNIS: I tried that before and I found out as soon as I turned on my data I was being charged a minimum for data usage. Ya, I've turned it on and turned it right off again the fee still comes through.
When I went to my local Koodo store the removed a bunch of unwanted apps and I never turn on data, Bluetooth (I know Bluetooth has nothing to do with this) or wifi. It's text or phone nothing else.

BTW I used to get a few calls from MS windows, duct cleaning and free cruises. but I block those after I find out who they are. so no problem there.

Anything  else that this might be about. Don't bite my head off, I'm trying to learn too.
Thanks guys  
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You need to make sure you are connected to wifi.  Once wifi is connected, even if wifi internet does not work, Data cannot be used.  Just make sure you turn data back off immediately after downloading.  Sometimes when phones go to sleep they turn wifi off to conserve power which can result in data leakage.

I still re-iterate that your friends and family could have accidentally sent an MMS type message with only text (no picture or video attached).  Because it is sent in MMS format, it will need to be downloaded.  I have done this in the past with android phones and friends have done this to me too.  It happens