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Unknown Android Notifications

I keep getting an unknown Koodo Notification on my Sony Z5. I have no clue what it is and I keep getting it every couple of minutes and I can't get it to go away.

Can anyone please tell me what this may be.. (see pic)

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What happens when you click on it? Did you just start using your unlocked Z5 with koodo?
Yes I did just start using the Z5 with koodo on Friday.

If I click and hold on the notification, it takes me to cell information page, I can force stop it through there but if I restart the phone it comes back. I still don't understand what it for and why its doing it..
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Try a different network type. I noticed the cell signal is pretty low, so it might be a warning to that effect. If you're on LTE, try switching to WCDMA Only. Go to Settings > More > Cellular networks - tap Preferred network type and select either 3G or WCDMA Only. (Or go to the cell information page and make the network type change there).

Edit: You don't have to restart the phone when making a network type change.
Ya for some reason the area i live in, I get really poor cell signal. Its not even a new area of the city.

I've determined its a Cell broadcast notification.