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uninstall evernote

I don't want evernote, it always seems to be open when I touch the square and can't close it. How do I get rid of it?

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Jim, what phone do you have?  As far as I know evernote is a Google play App. My families Samsung phones don't have it, but since its a Google App you should just be able to hold your finger on it until the garbage can at the top of the screen appears & then you just drag it to the can. Pretty much what I do with most Google Apps; so I'm sort of an expert at it. :))
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Settings => App Settings => will list all your current apps. Once the list is complete, scroll down to Evernote, touch icon and choose [b]uninstall or [b]disable (depending on the version of Android you have). That should keep it from popping up permanently.
Thanks very much, it started to frustrate me. It is now disabled. All the best.