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Unified Daemon App - it's demonizing (eating) my data!!

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Does anyone know if disabling the Unified Daemon app will cause problems with my phone? I've been told that disabling this will stop my phone from eating up my data at a rapid rate...which is what has been happening. I have the Galaxy S4.

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Disabling it from using data in the background won't cause problems as far as i know and that app has been known to eat through data. You can disable that app from using background data with an app called greenify or by going into data usage> click the app> restrict background data.
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Thank you Daniel.....I've done as you suggested and restricted the background data. I wasn't sure if disabling it would effect other apps so I think this was the better way to go. I'll also check into the greenify app.
I had the same problem. And in my tests it all points to "briefings" widget on my Galaxy s4. Even though I had set it to update every 6 hours and to display only handful of items, it gobbled 10 M in 5 minutes. It looks like it either does not care about its own auto-update settings or loads entire universe before filtering 10 lousy stories for me to display. I removed widget from the screen, cleared data for Unified Daemon and restarted my Galaxy S4 (just to be sure). And HURRAY !!! the unexplained huge data consumption had stopped happening. In fact, Unified Daemon is not making it into the list worthy to mentioned by "My Data" monitoring tool. And all data traffic numbers in this list are now small and/or very reasonable and explainable (like when I indeed watched video).
how did you remove the unified daemon widget. I have disabled it and now it isn't eating up my data but I want to remove it completely from my phone.
I did the same. I just deleted it from the screen. It was good enough for me. I did not temove it from me system - never even tried
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I disabled the Unified Daemon and have not had any problems since. Now I don't even come close to using all my data and I never turn the phone off. Prior to disabling the app I was afraid to leave the phone on because, even when I wasn't using it, the data was being eaten away at a rapid pace! No problems now. Thank you so much to Daniel and Leonid for your help!!
Extreme data usage began after Samsung update, 5Gb in 2 days. To stop it you need to go to your briefing widget on your home page. The one that alerts you to coming events etc. Tap the settings icon in the bottom left. This takes you to briefing settings page. Set auto refresh to none. Tap news and set to none. Tap quotes and set to none. Set show briefing to schedule. This will allow you to continue to see your calendar events.
I don't know what the unified daemon is and I have no idea about a widget, but I keep getting error messages that the unified daemon has stopped working....where do I find this information??
The Unified Daemon application supports apps for such topics as the weather, the stock market and the news. Basically - it's the service that keeps your feeds for the above up to date. source: http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/skp/faq/1057747