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Understanding Data Usage - Mobile Data Not charged!

I'm new to Koodo.  Just got a Samsung Galaxy A5. 

I signed up for the plan:  30$/month with no mobile data.  I don't intend to use my phone for anything except voice calls using Koodo mobile network. 

I am almost always within free WIFI either at home or at work, so I don't need a mobile data plan.

I noticed that my phone used 35MB of mobile data within the first week.  There were 3 bursts of data:  18, 7 and 8MB of usage and trickles of 0.01 to 0.11MB. 

I read about how certain apps uses data in the background, etc.  So - I have tried to turn all these off on my phone. 

I haven't been charged for the mobile data usage and I'm NOT complaining. 

My questions are:

1)  Will I be charged for them in the next billing cycle?

2)  I tried my best to disable any apps from using data (to consume data in the background) - but I'm concerned that this may not stop the mobile data usage. 

Is there a way to definitively restrict data to be used only free WIFI and never on mobile network?



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Yes, they will charge you for those data. Pay per use rate is like 7$/100MB  You could read it in your contract.

You need to turn off your mobile/Celluar data in your phone. However, it will block MMS also. another way is to add an add-on called data blocking with Pic. messaging. You could do it in your selfserve.
try going to your settings and have your data limit set up to 0 mb. in this way your phone is going to block accidental data usage. but for getting picture messaging the message above explains it all 🙂
Thanks Azure123 and Shayan Dan. 

I've turned off mobile data on the phone.  It seems so obvious now.  Thanks.  I'll "monitor" for a few days, I'm sure it'll work.