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Unable to send/receive photos, AGAIN...

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My wifes phone is doing it again. After finally getting her HTC Raider set up on Koodo, and after many helpful suggestions from many helpful people here. Her phone is not able to send/receive pictures on it. Nothing has been done to the phone, no settings changed. It was working great a couple days ago, then, yesterday, I was sending her texts, and she was not receiving them. Until, all at once, she got all of them. Now, today, she is getting texts, but no pictures. She can get the 4G signal. She can get on the internet using data (turning off Wi-Fi) The message she gets is "Content was removed because your handset cannot display it" Any suggestions?

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Okay, my mistake. Her phone can send pictures, just can't receive them.
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It's an ongoing issue with receiving pictures. Koodo is aware of it.
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Does it last long? Will she be able to receive pics soon? Does it happen to every one at the same time? Or just certain people?
I'm having the same problem and someone replied and said it should be fixed in the next 72 hours, but it may take longer..