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Unable to send group SMS (MMS) messages on Nexus 4 .... What's the solution?

Hi, trying to send a group text, have the Send as MMS option checked, but messages get stuck on "Sending..." Not using any 3rd party apps, hoping to not need to Just got the phone a couple weeks ago, haven't done anything yet to try and make it work other than make sure the Group messaging MMS option was checked (I think it was by default) Thanks 🙂

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Hey Drew, sorry you're having trouble, let's see... First things first. Is your data turned on? You'll need a connection to the network in order to send anything as mms. Wifi won't cut it for this one. If your data is blocked by koodo you'll need to call in and have the block removed. To turn it on for the phone navigate to settings, wireless and networks, more..., mobile network, and check 'data enabled' or 'use packet data' Hope this helps
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Data needs to be on to send picture messages. You can also try a battery reset if that doesn't work either. Battery Reset: Take out battery and SIM card for 30 seconds to 1 minute and restart device.