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Unable to Register for Self Serve

I ordered a phone online, with the cell phone number to be transferred. When I try and register for Self Serve, it asks for my First Name, Last Name & Koodo Mobile Phone Number (which I don't have yet). Everything I do results in the response "Account could not be found". How can I register for Self Serve?

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According to this thread

 You should be able to sign up with your account number.  Let us know! - Melissa

Robert wrote:

According to [url=https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/i-cant-register-for-self-serve]t...

Thanks but I don't have an account number; there is a customer number on the packing slip and I tried that but it does not work either,
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Robert wrote:

According to [url=https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/i-cant-register-for-self-serve]t...

You need to call into koodo and activate your Sim first. Then you can register
I called Customer Service and after about 1 hour on the phone, they were able to get it sorted out including transferring over my old cell phone number and I can now access Self Serve.  Koodo does need to look at their process here and the info they are providing online customers so this type of thing does not happen.
This exact same thing just happened to me. All that's in the package is the phone, the SIM card and a waybill which does not have my phone number or account number on it. Called Koodo customer service, they say I need to talk to the web store support. So now I have to wait two hours for them to start taking calls...