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Unable to make a call from Vancouver to a mobile# in Malaysia

I am having issue calling mobile# in Malaysia from Vancouver BC. The screen would show "Connecting" for some 10 seconds and then the call disconnects. Issue is consistent as I tried three separate mobile#s.

This last worked on Jun27, 2017.
No change to my phone hardware/software.
The only thing that changed was I added "Int'l Long Distance Saver" add-on to my plan.

Please can you anyone provide some advice as to how to approach and resolve this issue? Thank you.

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Did you try placing the call with another phone? You will probably need to contact customer support if you are doing everything properly and another phone didn't have issues so it can be looked into. You can send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter to get it looked
Thank you Goran.
I haven't tried with another phone, but will endeavour to do so before raising a 'ticket' with Koodo via FB.
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What dialing method are you using (01160 or +60)?
Attempted both. None of which works.
I can confirm the mobile # are valid as another phone could reach them.