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Unable to login to Samsung account

  • 19 October 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi, I bought a new phone which had a phone number assigned to it. I then transferred my old phone number to it. I am now unable to login to the Samsung account on the new phone because it is set up with 2 step verification and the text message goes to the phone number which no longer exists. All the suggestions on the Samsung website to fix password/verification issues include logging in and having a verification code text message. This is not possible. How do I get around this? 

2 replies

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If you no longer have your number that was used to set up 2FA, you need to contact Samsung and go through their forgot password / account verification process (it is different for different services), but it will be a challenge.  You may be better off creating a new samsung account

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Don’t they have another option if 2FA doesn’t work on your phone? I know apple does have different solutions (other device, log in from another account, a security number). Check with Samsung I’m sure they have something if your phone doesn’t work.