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Unable to get in touch with anyone at koodo

Why Koodo can't add the special on the self serve ? For more then 2 days I have not been able to get a hold of anyone. I WHAT I WILL DO IS TAKE MY 3 ACCOUNTS AND GO ELSE WHERE. Once I get back from Xmas holiday I will treat Koodo/ Telus like they treated me and go to Bell ,Roger and Shaw .

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I know it sucks and I suggested the same thing for Koodo to do but the thing is that the offer is only available to new customers or those opening a second line so they won't put it on their self serve because they don't want everyone to have that plan.
So while I get it your kind of complaining that you can't get ahold of someone for a deal your not really eligible for, so if you do get it your actually getting something extra that your not entitled to.
I know it's not what ppl want to hear just letting you know the reality of the situation unfortunately.
Really Goran??? Can't or Won't. I guess I have all day to hang out on my phone like You???? I work for a living so I can't hang out on my phone all day waiting for a customer representative from Koodo if they offered the deal on their self serve then there wouldn't be an issue. The issue at hand my friend is I can't do it because there is no way on the portal to get the special the question is won't I won't hang on my phone all day that's what I won't do
Right on ... If Koodo/Telus were smart they would have been prepared and offered it on their self serve which they push on us.
Referencing why can't Koodo put it on self-serve not whether you cant or won't wait on the line. ...Sorry there brother I'm just frustrated
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Can't or won't? You have today so if you can't get through porting is the only way to get the deal.
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Referencing why can't Koodo put it on self-serve not whether you cant or won't wait on the line. Koodo knows it can make it an option in self-serve. Rogers/Fido did it.
I am calling them for last 3 days and everytime same repeated message. higher than normal call volume and then hang up. Since I am not able to get a hold of them I am switching to fido. bye bye koodo. you disappointed me.
I have called over 100 times. I've gotten the automated "we're busy" message, "press 1 for english" that leads to nowhere, go through entering my pin and being hung up on, being told the number is out of service, entering my pin and being told it was then out of service and also waiting on the phone for over TWO hours when it actually went through only to be disconnected. I actually fell asleep and woke up with my phone in my hand at 1 am.
I can't even get through on the phone. I just get the higher volume call back later and it hangs up. Why are they not equipped to handle calls in a que been trying for days. Super disappointed in the lack of customer service.