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Unable to change my plan online/ at a store!

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Unable to add a plan.
Hi. I wanted to change my plan but needed to pay off my koodo tab first. I did that yesterday. I then tried to add the plan to my "cart" my it doesnt let me checkout! instead it says that "buying online will be an option i nthe future, but in the meantime, visit a koodo store or add items to the cart". So adding to the cart doesnt do anything for me. I then visited the koodo store and the girl told me that they dont change plans at the store (McGill Mall) anymore. I will have to do it online!

This is a strange mess and i have been in it for 1.5 days now! Somebody please tell me how do i get the Lightweight 30 2015 plan!!!

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Have you tried logging into your account and changing it that way?
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The plan change should be available in Self Serve, but if it's not working there either, then you can call in to customer service using *611 from your phone or 1-866-995-6636 from anywhere. It won't cost anything.