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Unable to add EasyRoam

I am trying to add easy roam through text and I get the response "[i]Koodo: Oops, how embarrassing! We were only able to add Easy Roam for $7/day in the U.S. To use Easy Roam in over 100 international destinations for $10/day, please try again by replying ROAM or go to koodo.com/selfserve"

 After travelling around to find free wifi I find the self serve keeps timing out. Now I am stranded because I depended on Koodo to be there for cell service. Has anyone been able to solve this problem?

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Hello James,

Try connecting to another wifi network, maybe that's why you can't get to Koodo sefl-sreve. If it doesn't work, only an employee can help you so contact them at www.m.me/Koodo. Or dial they toll free number vis Skype.
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Are you still in Canada?
At what point in self serve are you timing out?