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two sim cards, two phones, one broke, want to annul old sim card and put new sim in old phone

i have two sim cards, two phones...one broke, and i would like to annul my old sim, as it is paid for (phone is paid), and use the new sim in my old phone

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how to cancel old sim card? two separate numbers for both phones...You'd have to call in to Koodo to cancel your unwanted line. Sim cards can only be reused for the same number on the same account. And only for 90days. After 90 days the unused sim expires. If your new sim card is active and the proper size for the working phone, all you need to do is put the sim into the working phone. If it's not active yet you'd have to call Koodo to Migrate your service to the new sim.
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As in two lines? If so then yeah you totally can. You will just have to pay whatever's left on your bill for the part of the month that you cancel. If you just have two sims and one line, only one sim is good. There's a a period evidentaly where both can work for a period of time but then it's just the one.
how to cancel old sim card? two separate numbers for both phones...
I really appreciate your help!  thanks so much..