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Turn off email notifications

I have a Samsung A5 that I just got.  I want to turn off the sound/notification that I get everytime an email comes in.  But when I go to [Sounds and Notifications -- App notifications -- Email ] there is no option to turn it off.  Under gmail's app I have the option to block the app from issuing notifications, but this doesn't seem to exist for the generic email program (which I've linked to my gmail, perhaps unwisely).  

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Maybe there's a notification sound "silent"? 
If yes, change the tone to "silent".

If not, download a silent ringtone and set is as the notification tone and turn off vibrate.

IF you don't want it to background sync, turn off sync completely for the email app.

Hope I helped!
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Yeah don't use the Samsung email client it sucks just use the Gmail app it's self it's much better
Thanks both of you.  
I got rid of the email app.  But there was a way in that I found to set it to silent, as you suggested Ara.  Thanks for your ideas.