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Trying to upgrade my phone, Register my SIM, by "change phone" on the koodo website....

Trying to upgrade my phone, Register my SIM, by "change phone" on the koodo website....But everytime I go to the link, this messaged occurs; We're currently making system upgrades. Please contact us for assistance. I click "contact us" and it brings me to a page saying I have to pay $10 to get customer service to "change" my phone for me... That is not right when I can do it myself for free on the koodo self serve... is this an occurring problem? Or will it eventually fix itself and no longer be doing system updates and I will be able to upgrade/change my new phone. Is there another way to do this? My new SIM is smaller than my old SIM so I cannot just change SIMS/phone.... HELP!?

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Hi Megs,

Call Koodo, you can do so by using *611 from your mobile phone, if your old phone is no longer working you can use 1 (866) 995-6636. Explain to the associate that you are unable to make the change in self serve because it says that the system is being upgraded. Their will not be a charge as at this time you can't do it in self serve (I jus tried to myself and am getting the same message as you are).

If you want, you can wait a few hours and it should be back up. 
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@Megs, that functionality is temporarily unavailable. We are working on a fix but it may take some time. Please give us a call to help you out. There will not be any charge associated with the change since the function is disabled by us. Thanks for your understanding!