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Trying to return a order from Dec 7th and still havent gotten any reply.

On the 7th of Dec I ordered a pixel XL. My credit card was charged in full for 795$ immediately. After getting the email that there was a delay in processing, I sent an request to cancel my order on Dec 10th and another on Dec 14th. I sent these emails to webstore@koodoomobile and not koodo.webstore , so I don't think they were processed which is my mistake entirely.

On dec 15th I sent an email to koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com asking for the return process to start. I still havent gotten any acknowledgement to the email, I've phoned in but was transferred to an answering machine. Not only is this going to be beyond the "15 day" promise soon, but i've even recieved emailed asking me to create my account and to transfer my phone number. I just want to begin this procedure so theres even a hope of having this dealt with before the new year.

I'm happy to provide any additional information if it would be helpful. 

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Hi Steven - no need to worry about the 15-day period, so long as you initiate contact within it, which you did.
Can you provide me with your order number? I'll pass this along to the web store team and ensure it's on their radar.
Thanks for clearing up the 15day question. My order number is HFO16870081 . Appreciate the assistance.
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Steven El-guebaly wrote:

Thanks for clearing up the 15day question. My order number is HFO16870081 . Appreciate the a...

Thanks Steven. I've shared your account and order details with the team. Next steps will be for them to send out a return mailer for you to send back the phone and all contents that came with it. Once received by us, all transactions/credits will be reversed and you're free to purchase another phone online or in-store, if you wish.